Street Stories: Terrero

Name, age, any personal identities you feel like sharing, neighborhood where you live, who you live with/care for, school you go to, type of work you do or hope to do.

My name is Sid also known as TERRERO and I’m a 25-year-old Afrolatinx, non-binary Multimedia Creator that grew up here in the SouthSide of Providence, RI. I currently live here where I do work as a live performer and event coordinator around the city and other states. My hope is to expand human consciousness and bring art/creativity to all of those who may not possess it in order to enrich their lives.

How do you typically travel around Providence? Is that working for you? How does it affect your life, your job, your family?

I typically travel around by using Uber or Lyft and it isn’t really working for me because it costs too much to do so. It affects my life because I am not able to get to all the places I need to go in a cost-effective way.

How would you ideally like to get around Providence and what would need to happen to make that a reality?

In an ideal world, I would be able to get around by using my bike. If there were networks installed in the city/state of bike routes I would be able to get to where I needed to go in a more efficient way. It’s too dangerous to do so now because there are not safely marked bike lanes everywhere yet.

Do you feel safe when traveling around Providence? Where do you feel safe, and where do you not?

Sometimes I do not feel safe traveling around Providence primarily due to drivers. I feel safe anywhere in the city; it’s not a specific area, but the actual streets themselves are the most dangerous and unsafe parts. Lack of care for the potholes in the roads and the overall quality causes a lack of care in the drivers that mostly have an attitude of “ME FIRST”.

How could the City or RIPTA improve your experience getting around?

I always thought it would be so cool if Providence has some sort of transit system similar to DC or NYC that had a type of train route that ran continuously throughout the day that you could take to get in-between areas. Aside from that they could repair the roads for the drivers and install lanes of alternative transportation for everyone else. Also maybe widen the sidewalks for pedestrians because the streets should be for people not just for cars.