As we struggle with traffic on our main roads and speeding in our neighborhoods, the people of Providence are ready for reliable, affordable, and safe transportation options.

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Why does this matter – why should we improve streets for walking, rolling, biking, and transit?

Why do people on bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other mobility devices need their own space on the road?

Traffic is bad enough. How can we make space for urban trails when there is hardly enough space on our roads as is?

But why two-way “urban trails” and not just regular one-way bike lanes?

What will be taken away when urban trails are added?

Why do buses need dedicated lanes? And what about bus/bike lanes?

Why is this something people who primarily drive should support?

Why should the City spend money on this when bicyclists and pedestrians don’t pay for the roads?

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More Resources

Partners and supporters of Our Streets PVD and others have compiled detailed information about the health, economic, environmental, and quality-of-life benefits of streets built to share.

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