The PVD Crash Data project started in March 2023 as a key initiative of the Coalition’s research and advocacy projects. PSC wishes to raise greater awareness and understanding of the traffic violence that has occurred in the City of Providence over the past decade.


* Between 2010 and 2022 3,678 pedestrians and cyclists were hit by motor vehicles over 13 years (2% of the population)
* 88% of crashes resulted in injuries or fatalities
* 30 people were killed by motor vehicles on Providence streets
* 40% of collisions occurred at signaled intersections
* 28% of crashes were hit-and-run
* The census block containing three of Providence’s high schools (PCTA, Central, and Classical) had the highest amount of crashes in the city
* Time of day and time of year did not seem to indicate a higher crash rate

The aim of this project aligns with PSC’s goal of advocating for safer, people-friendly streets. In early 2023, a group of PSC volunteers got together and started architecting this project and identifying key phases, from data acquisition to analysis to presentation. Various members of the PSC have worked with the greater Providence community to help collect data, organize/sanitize it, geocode it, analyze it, and format it to the interactive application you see today. PSC hopes this application will spark further awareness/conversations with the community at large to help drive PSC’s mission forward.

We want to take this opportunity to extend our gratitude to everyone in the Providence community who has assisted with this project, in particular the Providence Police Dept and the City’s Department of Planning and Development.