Are you an individual who wants to stand up for safer streets?

In 2022, we’re trying something new. In an effort to continue growing, deepening, and regularly connecting with our community, we are introducing the PSC Community Organizing Group! The group will meet monthly (if safely in person, then with pizza!) to develop and co-create strategies and actions around the implementation of safe, equitable, and sustainable streets. No previous experience or knowledge is necessary – this will be a space to both teach and learn. If you’ve been wanting to get more deeply involved in our work, sign up here

Do you represent a business, organization, school, or institution?

Join as a Partner or Supporter

Partners are actively involved in the Coalition and dedicate some of their time, energy, and expertise to ensuring voices in their communities are engaged in the process of getting Providence moving on streets built to share. Email Liza if interested in becoming a partner.

When called upon, Providence Streets Coalition Supporters will be vocal proponents of rebuilding our roads in ways that improve health equity, the local economy, our neighborhoods’ quality of life, the resilience of our local environment, and the safety of all people using the streets. Fill out this form to become a Coalition Supporter.