Street Stories: Ray and Marjorie of the Rhode Island Organizing Project

“We don’t think it will improve transportation for any riders, current or future” – Ray Gagne on RIDOT’s multi hub bus plan.

“There are so many unanswered questions, and virtually no public input before they unveiled this grand plan.” – Marjorie Waters.

In this interview, Ray Gagne and Majorie Waters of the RI Organizing Project (RIOP) talk about what is happening with Kennedy Plaza, why this is happening, and most importantly, who this will affect.

RIOP works with low- income elders and adults with disabilities to improve access to health care, transportation, and community-based services. RIOP trains community residents to be active in their communities around the issues that are important to them. Community residents are trained to tell their stories, organize their friends and neighbors, and work with public officials to make policy changes that benefit the community.