Now Hiring: Join the PSC Street Team!


The Providence Streets Coalition is seeking Street Team members to talk with people across Providence about transportation projects before and while they are being built.

  • Part-time: 5-20 hrs per week
  • 2-3 positions available
  • June – November, 2022 (flexible!)
  • Must be available weekend days and some weekday afternoons
  • Pay: $20/hour
  • You must be fluent in at least one language other than English that is commonly spoken in Providence (Spanish, Khmer, Haitian Creole, Portuguese)
  • You must like talking to strangers
  • Ability/enthusiasm for riding a bicycle is a big plus! This is a physical job that involved moving tabling equipment around the city and being outside. 


The Providence Streets Coalition is an alliance of community organizations, local businesses, schools, institutions, civic leaders, and engaged individuals advocating for people-friendly streets in Providence. We support providing more transportation options to improve safety, equity, sustainability, prosperity, health, and quality-of-life in our city and region. We aim to help the City of Providence and RIPTA accomplish the implementation of projects that support safer and better walking, rolling, biking, and public transportation as quickly as possible in the most effective way possible.

To extend the reach of the community engagement efforts for these projects, the Providence Streets Coalition’s Street Team discusses the ongoing and upcoming transportation improvements with community members along the streets where they are being planned and built. We door knock, we flyer, we deliver yard signs, and we bring our “Providence Was, Is, Will Be” bike trailer to farmers markets and street corners around the city. People passing by have an opportunity to talk about their city and discuss the upcoming projects. Street Team members do NOT have to solicit people for conversations – rather, we wait for people to come to us. There will be a table, chairs, and umbrella for the Street Team to use, and printed materials in different languages to share with community members. 

Ideal candidates are outgoing, energetic people with first hand knowledge of Providence neighborhoods. Strong multilingual communication skills (Spanish, Khmer, Haitian Creole, or Portugese) are required, and an interest in making Providence a safe, walkable, bike-friendly, and inclusive city for all residents is a big plus. Ideal candidates should be self-motivated, polite, and excited to engage with Providence residents, visitors, and local business owners about local transportation improvements (we will educate you about the projects and train you in how to talk about them!). 

Candidates should also be able to provide their own transportation (walking, riding a bicycle, or bus transit preferred) to and from a range of neighborhoods, and maintain a relatively flexible schedule for work during evenings and weekends.

Street Team Responsibilities:

  • Use the “Providence Was, Is, Will Be” trailer on street corners, farmers markets, and community events to spread awareness of transportation projects;
  • Distribute flyers, postcards, and other project collateral throughout Providence neighborhoods if needed;
  • Educate residents about upcoming public realm investments;
  • Conduct short surveys to collect community feedback on specific questions if needed;
  • Bring feedback from the community back to the Providence Streets Coalition to inform future public realm investments.

Compensation: Street Team members will be paid $20.00 per hour and reimbursed for clearly documented transportation expenses (i.e. bus ticket).

Structure: The bike trailers will live at 304 Lockwood Street on the Southside. Street Team members will either meet Liza there to get the trailer, or she will drop it off at the designated location for the day. Each shift will be 3-5 hours long, and will change weekly depending on where construction is happening and the Street Team member’s schedules. This is pretty flexible! 


To apply, please fill out this form by June 1, 2022.

Please email with any questions.