Street Stories: Matthew Requintina

Name, age, any personal identities you feel like sharing, neighborhood where you live, who you live with/care for, the school you go to, type of work you do or hope to do.

Matthew Requintina, 34, Olneyville, Footwear Designer

How do you typically travel around Providence? Is that working for you? How does it affect your life, your job, your family?

Typically, to travel around Providence, I ride my bike. I spend a not-insignificant amount of time driving to and from my office in Braintree, MA, so I try to ride my bike as often as possible. I’ve made so many great friends and met some really awesome people by riding my bike around Providence, so that’s pretty neat.

How would you ideally like to get around Providence, and what would need to happen to make that a reality?

Biking around the city is great; I just wish the weather was warmer!

Do you feel safe when traveling around Providence? Where do you feel safe, and where do you not?

I feel pretty safe traveling around Providence. The city’s continuing addition of separated bike lanes has been great, but I feel okay even on the bike lane-less streets. Rhode Island drivers are predictably unpredictable, but I’ve managed to co-exist with them thus far.

How could the City or RIPTA improve your experience getting around?

It would be nice if we could have better lit streets in some neighborhoods.