Temporary Hope Street Urban Trail

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Spring 2022, we’re testing something new! The Providence Streets Coalition and Thriving Places Collaborative are working with local partners, residents, and businesses to test a temporary urban trail on Hope Street in Providence next spring from Lauriston Ave to Olney Street, as called for in the City of Providence’s Great Streets Plan.

The trail would consolidate parking to one side of Hope Street and create a trail for walking, jogging, rolling, and biking on the other side. The temporary trail would be in place for just a few days*, and give residents and business owners a chance to experience this potential change in 3D, interact with it, and give their informed feedback.


The data collected before, during, and after the demonstration will help local community groups and the City of Providence as they plan future street interventions for safer, more sustainable, and more inclusive mobility. We want to know what YOU would like to see happen as part of this temporary trail experiment!

*At this time, the City has no funding or timeline to implement a permanent trail or other street design changes. Click here for an example of a temporary trail on Broad Street.

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