2021 Creative and Safe Streets Mini-Grants

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COVID19 has changed so much about our lives, but some things remain the same: everybody deserves to travel around Providence safely and easily. As the City and RIPTA continue to adapt to (and hopefully emerge from!) the pandemic and move forward building the Urban Trail Network and improving our transit system, we believe that artists, designers, community groups, civic organizations, local businesses, faith communities, and neighborhood leaders can help spread that message.

The Providence Streets Coalition seeks to build excitement, momentum, and grassroots support for safer and healthier streets, expanded outdoor public space, and more transportation choices in our local communities by offering mini-grants of $500-3,000 to organizations, businesses, and individuals.

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Project proposals can include but are not limited to:

  • Public art installations on/alongside current and future urban trails, sidewalks, or bus stops
  • Leading a neighborhood walk, bike ride, dance class, or other outdoor activity connected to streets
  • Starting a walking or biking school bus program
  • Creating affordable and appealing barricades and signage for small businesses and restaurants to practice social distancing for outdoor dining and retail on streets and parking areas
  • Creatively designating space for social distancing on sidewalks, at bus stops and transit stations, at markets, takeout restaurants, food pantries and other retail spaces
  • Leading a neighborhood conversation or hosting a BBQ or block party about safe mobility
  • Creating a photo, video, or performance project about safe mobility
  • Hosting bicycle / scooter safety education workshops near current + future urban trails
  • Safety equipment giveaways (bike helmets, lights, locks, etc.)
  • Your idea for supporting safer streets, more transportation choices, and/or transportation-related COVID19 response!

It’s with people, our community health, and all the ways we move around in mind, that we’re asking Providence residents to support more safety and less stress on our streets. These mini-grants are meant to empower local residents, organizations, and leaders to showcase how these changes can benefit their communities.

The deadline to apply is March 31st, 2021. Applicants will be notified by the end of April, and have until December 31st, 2021 to complete their project.

The Providence Streets Coalition is an alliance of community nonprofits, local businesses, schools, professional associations, and engaged individuals advocating for safer streets and more transportation choices in Providence. We believe in constructing streets in a way that lets all people move safely and easily no matter how they travel – whether driving, walking, biking, taking buses, scooting, skating, and/or using mobility-assistance devices.


Some images from last year’s projects:

Uplifting Mural Contest, Smith Hill Community Development Corporation
Outdoor Open Shop, Recycle a Bike


Sidewalk Museum / Museo del Barrio, Rhode Island Latino Arts


AS220 Parklet, Joe-Lou Berthiaume and AS220